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SAP Implementation Project Goal

The project goal is to:

  • Ensure the best in class (sync with business goals, create ease in user adoption through scientific training) SAP implementation is carried out by the selected implementation partners.
  • To advise and guide the Customer on the best industry practices using SAP ECC & BI-BO.
  • Work as Customer's SAP Audit team for the duration of the implementation and ensure to accomplish the scope of work mutual agreed.
  • Guide and advise Customer to pull out the best utilisation of the SAP application and its integration points with any 3rd party through implementation partner.
  • Advise the implementation partner on implementation strategy and methodology to get maximum utilisation of standard SAP and minimal customisation (Z objects).
  • Review and confirm the adherence of above advice along with Customer.

Inspace Approach for Achieving Goal

We understand that the scope to manage the project and the milestones to be as follows:

Phases and Milestones:

1. Project Management deliverables review and recommendations implementation

2. Upon completion of the Business Blueprint and before starting the Realization phase ReNew Power would like to have an independent opinion on the completeness and quality of key deliverables produced by the implementation vendor till the end of the Business Blue Print phase.

In this review Inspace would address:

  • Review of the Project Management documents (including the project management plan, processes, Risk Assessment Methodology, Risk & mitigation Procedures) in order to assess whether suitable controls have been put in place to proactively identify and mitigate project risks and address quality requirements
  • Review of the Business Blueprints for the above modules in scope to assess the adequacy and appropriateness of these deliverables.

3. Upon completion of the Realization phase and before the Go-Live ReNew Power would again like to have an independent opinion on the overall readiness of the systems, users and departments, and infrastructure. During this stage we would focus on:

  • Process Integrity Review (to assess the adequacy of the system controls, and compliance of transaction processing with the implemented controls)
  • Data Conversion Controls Review (to assess the adequacy of the controls used, and the completeness of information migrated from the legacy system to the new environment)

4. After the Go-Live

Inspace would review application controls and authorizations profiles, as well as data conversion and logical security and infrastructure security with those agreed during the realization phase. During this stage we would focus on:

  • Applications Controls Review (follow up review of application controls for the modules mentioned in the scope with respect to the gaps observed in the process integrity review).
  • Report any gaps in the production environment with respect to realization phase.

5.Inspace consultants will operate on a hybrid model (both onsite and offshore as required) in order to balance on project cost considering travel, accommodation and the deliverables.

Benefits of Engagement

  • Control on overall project cost
  • Control on project timelines
  • Overall quality check on the development
  • Ensure Business Process Documentation (Delivered by the Vendor) balancing between business demands and best practices.
  • Ensure Client and Implementation Partner are on the same page on the scope
  • Avoidance of Scope deviation from both client and vendor to stick to timeline and budget
  • Reduction in Change Requests
  • Minimal changes in UAT (User Acceptance Test)
  • Ensure usage of standard implementation package and minimise customisations
  • Protect the Investments (Time, effort & Money) of the Customer through ensuring successful implementation of SAP within the planned timeline and budget

Our consultants shall perform a post implementation checkpoint review of the clients SAP Modules. The review typically includes

  • Modules
  • Business Blueprint
  • SAP Configuration
  • Training
  • UAT